11/5/75   Fix installed for IGDM's when an error was encountered
          trying to write an EOF mark on a tape.

11/5/75   Fix installed for editing of bad abnormal frame counts
          by level 2.0.  Bug was introduced in code which corrected
          abnormal frame counts for nine track tapes.

9/15/75   Symbolic level 2.0 cut.

9/15/75   Fix installed in scheduler to compensate for exec
          design problem in test and set queueing.  When doing a
          'V' function, if another activity fails a test and set
          between the TS and the C$TSA, it will never get
          reactivated, since the C$TSA will only activate the
          queued activity (deactivated by C$TSQ in 'P').
          We fudge by doing a TS CTS sequence to reactivate
          any activities who have been queued.

6/20/75   Code inserted to test for quarter-word MSA
          format on tapes and check the new Univac standard
          end of reel sentinel for that format (the first
          four quarter-word bytes are 054 016 000 000).
          This new sentinel is also generated when end of
          reel is encountered on quarter-word format tapes.

6/16/75   Element sorting (for the 'A' option on element
          commands) changed to make a true alphanumeric
          comparison between element names.

6/16/75   Pass software termination status at end of search
          to prevent disintegration due to illegal reference to
          'IBIOP' from PRINT.

6/10/75   Test and Set queueing implemented.  SCHEDULER and
          SCHPROCS completely replaced by the latest revision
          of the Scheduler from LIBRARY-W.  Massive changes made
          to FANGDEF and any element containing queues or
          which creates queues dynamically.  Queues and P/V
          queues no longer look the same, BEWARE!

6/9/75    Clear FREE flag when a file is DELETEd so that a
          spurious @FREE is not done.

6/9/75    Implement the breakpoint bit feature of level 32
          by automatically selecting batch format output if the
          print file is breakpointed.

6/9/75    If FANG was executed from a non-LIB$ file, and does
          an RLIST$ to register its common bank, then the user
          subsequently calls FANG from LIB$, mismatched banks
          will cause mysteries.  FANG will now un-RLIST$ itself
          at the end of execution.

6/5/75    Corrected improper shift count in TOC which caused
          element mode bits (ASCII, AFCM, etc.) to come out wrong.

6/1/75    Byte count printed by PRINT for tape blocks with
          abnormal frame counts will now be correct for both seven
          and nine track tapes.

5/9/75    Implemented an 'equipment type property' table and
          removed all references to absolute equipment types.  The
          new table also contains the equipment type names, and
          replaces the equipment name table in the same number
          of words.

5/5/75    All known problems with the handling of F-cycles
          have been corrected.  FANG will now handle both
          absolute and relative f-cycles in all commands.

5/5/75    Implemented code in INPUT to account for odd blocks
          read from nine-track tape drives.  these blocks were
          previously treated as abnormal frame count blocks and
          rounded up to an even word count.  Reported by John
          Langner, Chi Corporation.

4/29/75   Put in fix for BSP clobbering the FANG Ibank when
          attempting to PACK a large read-only file.  Fix
          supplied by Pat Milligan of Univac Salt Lake City.
          Thank you!

3/15/75   Make the EABT command disappear if 'DEBUG' is set
          to zero.

3/12/75   To prevent overtyping of solicitations, a flag is
          set whenever a type-and-read request is made.
          If this flag is set, the next printed output will be
          done with spacing sufficient to prevent overtyping.

3/9/75    Implement the 'B' option for a backward table of