Lunar Rilles (Rima) and Rille Systems

Adapted from the Lunar Nomenclature Database published by the U.S. Geological Survey Flagstaff Field Center.

The table below lists all named rilles and systems of rilles. Click on the name to display the Moon centred on that object/ Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Rima: Rilles

Name                    Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Rima Agatharchides     20.0S  28.0W  50.0
Rima Agricola          29.0N  53.0W 110.0
Rima Archytas          53.0N   3.0E  90.0
Rima Aridaeus           6.4N  14.0E 250.0
Rima Artsimovich       27.0N  39.0W  70.0
Rima Billy             15.0S  48.0W  70.0
Rima Birt              21.0S   9.0W  50.0
Rima Bradley           23.8N   1.2W 161.0
Rima Brayley           21.4N  37.5W 311.0
Rima Calippus          37.0N  13.0E  40.0
Rima Cardanus          11.4N  71.5W 175.0
Rima Carmen            19.8N  29.3E  10.0
Rima Cauchy            10.5N  38.0E 140.0
Rima Cleomedes         27.0N  57.0E  80.0
Rima Cleopatra         30.0N  53.8W  14.0
Rima Conon             18.6N   2.0E  30.0
Rima Dawes             17.5N  26.6E  15.0
Rima Delisle           31.0N  32.0W  60.0
Rima Diophantus        29.0N  33.0W 150.0
Rima Draper            18.0N  25.0W 160.0
Rima Euler             21.0N  31.0W  90.0
Rima Flammarion         2.8S   5.6W  80.0
Rima Furnerius         35.0S  61.0E  50.0
Rima G. Bond           33.3N  35.5E 168.0
Rima Galilaei          11.9N  58.5W  89.0
Rima Gärtner           59.0N  36.0E  30.0
Rima Gay-Lussac        13.0N  22.0W  40.0
Rima Hadley            25.0N   3.0E  80.0
Rima Hansteen          12.0S  53.0W  25.0
Rima Hesiodus          30.0S  20.0W 256.0
Rima Hyginus            7.4N   7.8E 219.0
Rima Jansen            14.5N  29.0E  35.0
Rima Krieger           29.0N  45.6W  22.0
Rima Mairan            38.0N  47.0W  90.0
Rima Marcello          18.6N  27.7E   2.0
Rima Marius            16.5N  48.9W 121.0
Rima Messier            1.0S  45.0E 100.0
Rima Milichius          8.0N  33.0W 100.0
Rima Oppolzer           1.7S   1.0E  94.0
Rima Reiko             18.6N  27.7E   2.0
Rima Réaumur             3.0S   3.0E  30.0
Rima Rudolf            19.6N  29.6E   8.0
Rima Schröter          24.0N   0.0E 200.0
Rima Sharp             46.7N  50.5W 107.0
Rima Sheepshanks       58.0N  24.0E 200.0
Rima Siegfried         25.9S 103.0E  14.0
Rima Suess              6.7N  48.2W 165.0
Rima Sung-Mei          24.6N  11.3E  40.0
Rima T. Mayer          13.0N  31.0W  50.0
Rima Wan-Yu            20.0N  31.5W  12.0
Rima Yangel'           16.7N   4.6E  30.0
Rima Zahia             25.0N  29.5W  16.0

Rimę: Systems of Rilles

Name                    Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Rimę Alphonsus        14.0S   2.0W  80.0
Rimę Apollonius        5.0N  53.0E 230.0
Rimę Archimedes       26.6N   4.1W 169.0
Rimę Aristarchus      26.9N  47.5W 121.0
Rimę Arzachel         18.0S   2.0W  50.0
Rimę Atlas            47.5N  43.6E  60.0
Rimę Bode             10.0N   4.0W  70.0
Rimę Boscovich         9.8N  11.1E  40.0
Rimę Bürg             44.5N  23.8E 147.0
Rimę Chacornac        29.0N  32.0E 120.0
Rimę Daniell          37.0N  26.0E 200.0
Rimę Darwin           19.3S  69.5W 143.0
Rimę de Gasparis      24.6S  51.1W  93.0
Rimę Doppelmayer      25.9S  45.1W 162.0
Rimę Focas            28.0S  98.0W 100.0
Rimę Fresnel          28.0N   4.0E  90.0
Rimę Gassendi         18.0S  40.0W  70.0
Rimę Gerard           46.0N  84.0W 100.0
Rimę Goclenius         8.0S  43.0E 240.0
Rimę Grimaldi          9.0N  64.0W 230.0
Rimę Gutenberg         5.0S  38.0E 330.0
Rimę Hase             29.4S  62.5E  83.0
Rimę Herigonius       13.0S  37.0W 100.0
Rimę Hevelius          1.0N  68.0W 182.0
Rimę Hippalus         25.5S  29.2W 191.0
Rimę Hypatia           0.4S  22.4E 206.0
Rimę Janssen          45.6S  40.0E 114.0
Rimę Kopff            17.4S  89.6W  41.0
Rimę Liebig           20.0S  45.0W 140.0
Rimę Littrow          22.1N  29.9E 115.0
Rimę MacLear          13.0N  20.0E 110.0
Rimę Maestlin          2.0N  40.0W  80.0
Rimę Maupertuis       52.0N  23.0W  60.0
Rimę Menelaus         17.2N  17.9E 131.0
Rimę Mersenius        21.5S  49.2W  84.0
Rimę Opelt            13.0S  18.0W  70.0
Rimę Palmieri         28.0S  47.0W 150.0
Rimę Parry             6.1S  16.8W  82.0
Rimę Petavius         25.9S  58.9E  80.0
Rimę Pettit           23.0S  92.0W 450.0
Rimę Pitatus          28.5S  13.8W  94.0
Rimę Plato            52.9N   3.2W  87.0
Rimę Plinius          17.9N  23.6E 124.0
Rimę Posidonius       32.0N  28.7E  70.0
Rimę Prinz            27.0N  43.0W  80.0
Rimę Ramsden          33.9S  31.4W 108.0
Rimę Repsold          50.6N  81.7W 166.0
Rimę Riccioli          2.0N  74.0W 400.0
Rimę Ritter            3.0N  18.0E 100.0
Rimę Römer            27.0N  35.0E 110.0
Rimę Secchi            1.0N  44.0E  35.0
Rimę Sirsalis         15.7S  61.7W 426.0
Rimę Sosigenes         8.6N  18.7E 190.0
Rimę Sulpicius Gallus 21.0N  10.0E  90.0
Rimę Taruntius         5.5N  46.5E  25.0
Rimę Theaetetus       33.0N   6.0E  50.0
Rimę Triesnecker       4.3N   4.6E 215.0
Rimę Vasco da Gama    10.0N  82.0W  60.0
Rimę Zupus            15.0S  53.0W 120.0

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