Lunar "Bays" (Sinus)

Adapted from the Lunar Nomenclature Database published by the U.S. Geological Survey Flagstaff Field Center.

The following table lists all named lunar "bays" (Sinus). Click on a name to display the Moon centred on that feature.

Name               Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)    Translation
Sinus Aestuun     10.9N   8.8W 290.0          Seething Bay
Sinus Amoris      18.1N  39.1E 130.0          Bay of Love
Sinus Asperitatis  3.8S  27.4E 206.0          Bay of Roughness
Sinus Concordiae  10.8N  43.2E 142.0          Bay of Harmony   
Sinus Fidei       18.0N   2.0E  70.0          Bay of Trust
Sinus Honoris     11.7N  18.1E 109.0          Bay of Honour
Sinus Iridum      44.1N  31.5W 236.0          Bay of Rainbows
Sinus Lunicus     31.8N   1.4W 126.0          Lunik Bay (Luna 2 impact site, 13th September 1959)
Sinus Medii        2.4N   1.7E 335.0          Bay of the center
Sinus Roris       54.0N  56.6W 202.0          Bay of Dew
Sinus Successus    0.9N  59.0E 132.0          Bay of Success

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