October 1983 Meeting     Information Letter 10

Piece of Cake

If you eat beans, you fart. If you build a successful company, you hire an advertising agency. Both are laws of nature, and raging against the inevitable consequences of one's actions makes no more sense than standing on the tracks and arguing with the Twentieth Century Limited.

The wise man sees the amusement inherent in the inevitable and enjoys it to the fullest. Before COMDEX 1983 we hired an advertising agency to help us “tell the AutoCAD story”. By hiring an agency one employs “creative talent” not present in the mundane people who create new technologies.

This is what they came up with. We didn't use it.


AutoCAD/end user ad
October 7, 1983

Just slip in your AutoCAD graphics software disc and you're ready. Draw a brick and AutoCAD will draw you a wall—automatically.

Move it. Copy it. Modify, rotate, or scale it vertically and horizontally. Store it. Change your mind and erase it.

Do it all on your PC. AutoCAD is the industry standard. It's compatible with most any PC. IBM PC and XT. Zenith Z100. Victor 9000. NEC APC. Columbia. Eagle PC. Not to mention CP/M-80 computers.[Footnote]

It's just about ready[Footnote] for NCR Decision-Mate, DMS, DEC, Sony, Televideo, Eagle 1600, Texas Instruments, and Corona.

And it supports a bunch of input and output devices.

You'll work better. And easier. Use a light pen and on-screen menus. A digitizing tablet. A keyboard or a mouse.[Footnote]

Use them to draw lines. Of any width. Circles, arcs and solid-filled areas. Insert them anywhere in your text.

And do it in German. Or French. Swedish is coming and so is Italian. We're working on Japanese.

You won't flinch at the price. It's good. Real good.[Footnote] $1,000. Add another $500 and you get automatic dimensioning.

Ask around. You'll find a lot of people know AutoCAD. We've already shipped more than 1,500 systems. All over the country. All over the world. And you wouldn't believe who some of our customers are.[Footnote]

Architects love it. So do engineers. So do designers. So will you.

You wouldn't have a PC without a word processor. Or without a spread sheet. Or without AutoCAD.

Word processing for graphics. Take a byte. [Footnote]


For a demonstration and information, call or write.

AutoCAD, Inc.
150 Shoreline Highway − Building B[Footnote]
Mill Valley, CA 94941

October 1983 Meeting     Information Letter 10