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Initial Public Offering


I did not enjoy writing the prospectus for our Initial Public Offering in 1985. Translating a clear statement of the company's goals and strategy into weasel words under a pressing deadline, in endless meetings filled with lawyers and accountants who argued with each other, billing the time to us pales, in my mind, with other avocations such as lying on the beach or juggling chainsaws.

Here is what we were trying to get across in the prospectus: the original draft that ended up devolving into the mealy-mouthed final document. It's the best statement I know of regarding where we were in 1985 and how we saw the company's future. The odd focus on ``products'' is because the big thing at the time was not to be seen as a One Product Company.

Business Section of Prospectus

Rough Draft 6 by John Walker -- 4/16/85 01:27

Editor: John Walker