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The Next AutoCAD


  ``There's absolutely no way we could put a man on the moon by 1994. No way.''

NASA Official, quoted by Jerry Pournelle at the 1984 L-5 Convention

It's also time to look for some new product ideas. Let's not settle down into this ``going concern'' mentality where we're maintaining a program that came from ``somewhere'' and is going ``somewhere''. We built this from zero. We can do it again. Can a company our size continue to develop multiple products on the cheap, test market them, and get behind the winners? Can we rekindle the old ``ten wolverines in a barrel'' technological ferment we had when the idea of this company was fresh and new? Can we have more yelling and less nodding? Will somebody please come to me and ask to spend a week in another department to learn what the hell they do in there anyway? What is the minimum time in which we can bring a product to market now? Could we bring a new product to market this COMDEX? Look at the development logs to see where AutoCAD was at this point in 1982.

Editor: John Walker