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  Autodesk is an office automation system for small computers. It embodies a computer model of an office environment. It provides file cards, file boxes, a calendar, etc. This is connected to a very simple database and query system. The entire system is intended to be extremely user-friendly and straightforward, We want a computer store salesman to be able to get an off-the-street prospect who's never seen a computer before to be using the package in 5 minutes or less. That will help him sell hardware, and he'll sell our software with it.

This package has an almost unlimited potential for add-on products for installed customers. Electronic mail, fancier filing, report writer modules, data entry systems, etc., can all be sold as add-ons to the basic system.

A prototype of the package written on QBASIC on the M9900 exists. Some of the largest sections of this can be used as part of the final product if CB80 is used on CP/M.

Based on the pricing of ``card file'' systems with much less capability, I would assume the system would sell for from $250 to $450 retail. This is a product which would probably sell very well on the Apple, if we could get it running on one.

Editor: John Walker