Full moon icon   Lunar Crater Chains (Catena)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all named lunar crater chains (Catena). Click on a name to display the Moon centred on that object. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Name                     Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Catena Abulfeda         16.9S  17.2E 219.0
Catena Artamonov        26.0N 105.9E 134.0
Catena Brigitte         18.5N  27.5E   5.0
Catena Davy             11.0S   7.0W  50.0
Catena Dziewulski       19.0N 100.0E  80.0
Catena Gregory           0.6S 129.9E 152.0
Catena Humboldt         21.5S  84.6E 165.0
Catena Krafft           15.0N  72.0W  60.0
Catena Kurchatov        37.2N 136.3E 226.0
Catena Leuschner (GDL)   4.7N 110.1W 364.0
Catena Littrow          22.2N  29.5E  10.0
Catena Lucretius (RNII)  3.4S 126.1W 271.0
Catena Mendeleev         6.3N 139.4E 188.0
Catena Michelson (GIRD)  1.4N 113.4W 456.0
Catena Pierre           19.8N  31.8W   9.0
Catena Sumner           37.3N 112.3E 247.0
Catena Sylvester        81.4N  86.2W 173.0
Catena Taruntius         3.0N  48.0E 100.0
Catena Timocharis       29.0N  13.0W  50.0
Catena Yuri             24.4N  30.4W   5.0