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Lunar Wrinkle Ridges (Dorsum)
and Ridge Systems (Dorsa)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following tables list all named lunar wrinkle ridges (Dorsum) and wrinkle ridge systems (Dorsa). Click on the name to display the Moon centred on that object. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Wrinkle Ridges (Dorsum)

Name              Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Dorsum Arduino   24.9N  35.8W 107.0
Dorsum Azara     26.7N  19.2E 105.0
Dorsum Bucher    31.0N  39.0W  90.0
Dorsum Buckland  20.4N  12.8E 380.0
Dorsum Cayeux     1.6N  51.2E  84.0
Dorsum Cloos      1.0N  91.0E 100.0
Dorsum Cushman    1.0N  49.0E  80.0
Dorsum Gast      24.0N   9.0E  60.0
Dorsum Grabau    29.4N  15.9W 121.0
Dorsum Guettard  10.0S  18.0W  40.0
Dorsum Heim      32.0N  29.8W 148.0
Dorsum Higazy    28.0N  17.0W  60.0
Dorsum Nicol     18.0N  23.0E  50.0
Dorsum Niggli    29.0N  52.0W  50.0
Dorsum Oppel     18.7N  52.6E 268.0
Dorsum Owen      25.0N  11.0E  50.0
Dorsum Scilla    32.8N  60.4W 108.0
Dorsum Termier   11.0N  58.0E  90.0
Dorsum Thera     24.4N  31.4W   7.0
Dorsum von Cotta 23.2N  11.9E 199.0
Dorsum Zirkel    28.1N  23.5W 193.0

Wrinkle Ridge Systems (Dorsa)

Name              Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Dorsa Aldrovandi 24.0N  28.5E 136.0
Dorsa Andrusov    1.0S  57.0E 160.0
Dorsa Argand     28.1N  40.6W 109.0
Dorsa Barlow     15.0N  31.0E 120.0
Dorsa Burnet     28.4N  57.0W 194.0
Dorsa Cato        1.0N  47.0E 140.0
Dorsa Dana        3.0N  90.0E  70.0
Dorsa Ewing      10.2S  39.4W 141.0
Dorsa Geikie      4.6S  52.5E 228.0
Dorsa Harker     14.5N  64.0E 197.0
Dorsa Lister     20.3N  23.8E 203.0
Dorsa Mawson      4.6S  55.7E 132.0
Dorsa Rubey      10.0S  42.0W 100.0
Dorsa Smirnov    27.3N  25.3E 156.0
Dorsa Sorby      19.0N  14.0E  80.0
Dorsa Stille     27.0N  19.0W  80.0
Dorsa Tetyaev    19.9N  64.2E 176.0
Dorsa Whiston    29.4N  56.4W  85.0