Full moon icon   Lunar “Lakes” (Lacus)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all named lunar “lakes” (lacus). Click on the name to view the Moon centred on that object. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Name                   Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)      Translation
Lacus Aestatis        15.0S  69.0W  90.0            Lake of Summer
Lacus Autumni          9.9S  83.9W 183.0            Lake of Autumn
Lacus Bonitatis       23.2N  43.7E  92.0            Lake of Goodness
Lacus Doloris         17.1N   9.0E 110.0            Lake of Sorrow
Lacus Excellentiae    35.4S  44.0W 184.0            Lake of Excellence
Lacus Felicitatis     19.0N   5.0E  90.0            Lake of Happiness
Lacus Gaudii          16.2N  12.6E 113.0            Lake of Joy
Lacus Hiemalis        15.0N  14.0E  50.0            Wintry Lake
Lacus Lenitatis       14.0N  12.0E  80.0            Lake of Softness
Lacus Luxuriae        19.0N 176.0E  50.0            Lake of Luxury
Lacus Mortis          45.0N  27.2E 151.0            Lake of Death
Lacus Oblivionis      21.0S 168.0W  50.0            Lake of Forgetfulness
Lacus Odii            19.0N   7.0E  70.0            Lake of Hatred
Lacus Perseverantiae   8.0N  62.0E  70.0            Lake of Perseverance
Lacus Solitudinis     27.8S 104.3E 139.0            Lake of Solitude
Lacus Somniorum       38.0N  29.2E 384.0            Lake of Dreams
Lacus Spei            43.0N  65.0E  80.0            Lake of Hope
Lacus Temporis        45.9N  58.4E 117.0            Lake of Time
Lacus Timoris         38.8S  27.3W 117.0            Lake of Fear
Lacus Veris           16.5S  86.1W 396.0            Lake of Spring