Full moon icon   Lunar Mountains (Mons/Montes)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all named lunar mountains. Click on the name to view the Moon centred on that mountain. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Name                    Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Mons Agnes             18.6N   5.3E      1.0
Montes Agricola        29.1N  54.2W    141.0
Montes Alpes           46.4N   0.8W    281.0
Mons Ampère            19.0N   4.0W     30.0
Mons André              5.2N 120.6E     10.0
Montes Apenninus       18.9N   3.7W    401.0
Montes Archimedes      25.3N   4.6W    163.0
Mons Ardeshir           5.0N 121.0E      8.0
Mons Argaeus           63.6S  30.1E     77.0

Mont Blanc             45.0N   1.0E     25.0
Mons Bradley           22.0N   1.0E     30.0

Montes Carpatus        14.5N  24.4W    361.0
Montes Caucasus        38.4N  10.0E    445.0
Montes Cordillera      17.5S  81.6W    574.0

Mons Delisle           29.5N  35.8W     30.0
Mons Dieter             5.0N 120.2E     20.0
Mons Dilip              5.6N 120.8E      2.0

Mons Esam              14.6N  35.7E      8.0

Mons Ganau              4.8N 120.6E     14.0
Mons Gruithuisen Delta 36.0N  39.5W     20.0
Mons Gruithuisen Gamma 36.6N  40.5W     20.0

Mons Hadley            26.5N   4.7E     25.0
Mons Hadley Delta      25.8N   3.8E     15.0
Montes Haemus          19.9N   9.2E    560.0
Mons Hansteen          12.1S  50.0W     30.0
Montes Harbinger       27.0N  41.0W     90.0
Mons Herodotus         27.5N  53.0W      5.0
Mons Huygens           20.0N   2.9W     40.0

Montes Jura            47.1N  34.0W    422.0

Mons La Hire           27.8N  25.5W     25.0

Mons Maraldi           20.3N  35.3E     15.0
Mons Moro              12.0S  19.7W     10.0

Mons Penck             10.0S  21.6E     30.0
Mons Pico              45.7N   8.9W     25.0
Mons Piton             40.6N   1.1W     25.0
Montes Pyrenaeus       15.6S  41.2E    164.0

Montes Recti           48.0N  20.0W     90.0
Montes Riphaeus         7.7S  28.1W    189.0
Montes Rook            20.6S  82.5W    791.0
Mons Rümker            40.8N  58.1W     70.0

Montes Secchi           3.0N  43.0E     50.0
Montes Spitzbergen     35.0N   5.0W     60.0

Montes Taurus          28.4N  41.1E    172.0
Montes Teneriffe       47.1N  11.8W    182.0

Mons Usov              12.0N  63.0E     15.0

Mons Vinogradov        22.4N  32.4W     25.0
Mons Vitruvius         19.4N  30.8E     15.0

Mons Wolff             17.0N   6.8W     35.0