Full moon icon   Lunar Scarps (Rupes)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all named lunar scarps (Rupes). Click on a name to display the Moon centred on that object.

Name              Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Rupes Altai      24.3S  22.6E 427.0
Rupes Boris      30.5N  33.5W   4.0
Rupes Cauchy      9.0N  37.0E 120.0
Rupes Kelvin     27.3S  33.1W  78.0
Rupes Liebig     24.4S  48.5W  37.0
Rupes Mercator   31.0S  22.3W  93.0
Rupes Recta      22.1S   7.8W 134.0       The “Straight Wall”
Rupes Toscanelli 27.4N  47.5W  70.0