Full moon icon   Lunar Valleys (Vallis)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all named lunar valleys (Vallis). Click on a name to display the Moon centred on that object. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Name                 Lat.  Long.  Diam. (km)
Vallis Alpes        48.5N   3.2E 166.0
Vallis Baade        45.9S  76.2W 203.0
Vallis Bohr         12.4N  86.6W  80.0
Vallis Bouvard      38.3S  83.1W 284.0
Vallis Capella       7.6S  34.9E  49.0
Vallis Inghirami    43.8S  72.2W 148.0
Vallis Palitzsch    26.4S  64.3E 132.0
Vallis Planck       58.4S 126.1E 451.0
Vallis Rheita       42.5S  51.5E 445.0
Vallis Schrödinger  67.0S 105.0E 310.0
Vallis Schröteri    26.2N  50.8W 168.0
Vallis Snellius     31.1S  56.0E 592.0