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Sunday, October 31, 2004

FeedbackForm Update Posted

Based on feedback from early testers, the re-generation of a new problem every time the form was refreshed (for example after a preview or spelling check) was confusing. People would solve the equation, submit a spelling check, then type in the answer to the old equation not having noticed it had changed. I modified problem generation to test whether a previously generated equation exists (this is easy, since it's included as the "e" hidden field in the form). If there is an existing equation and it has not expired, that equation is re-used in the new form. If the user has already filled a solution into the "x" box, it is preserved in the new form. The user is now free to solve the equation before or after requesting a preview and/or spelling check, and the solution to an equation is not lost if the feedback results in a quibble such as missing subject or body text. The updated version is available for download and in production.

Posted at October 31, 2004 20:48