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Friday, May 6, 2005

ETSET Version 3.1 Posted

I've just posted version 3.1 of ETSET, the utility which translates electronic texts written in human readable form into LaTeX (and thence to PostScript and PDF, if you wish), HTML (either single document or individual chapters with navigation links), or Palm Markup Language (PML) to produce eReader books which can be read on a variety of PDA and smart mobile telephone platforms. ETSET is used to produce most of the electronic texts available at this site, including the Tom Swift and His Pocket Library collection.

Version 3.1, the first update since version 3.0.1 in September 2001, is 100% compatible with that version in input syntax and command line options. When HTML output is selected, version 3.1 generates XHTML 1.0 (Transitional DTD) which should validate without errors or warnings when checked by the W3C Markup and CSS Validation Services. Navigation button images for multiple file HTML documents have been changed from GIF to PNG files.

In addition to the substantive changes, the usual collection of daggers in the back from the GCC/C++ priesthood have been extracted; the program now compiles without warnings at the -Wall level on GCC 3.4.3. The Win32 executable is now built with Microsoft Visual C++.NET instead of the DOS extender DJgpp compiler used previously; the resulting program is a native Win32 console application. ETSET is a C++/STL program written using the Literate Programming methodology in the CWEB System; the source code and complete documentation (both user-level and internal) may be read online (PDF file).

Posted at May 6, 2005 21:44