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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Imaginary Weapons: Carl Collins Responds

Prof. Carl Collins, who performed the original hafnium triggering experiment which eventually resulted in the DARPA funding of hafnium weapon research chronicled in the book Imaginary Weapons, responded to my recent review in the following E-mail received at 13:19 UTC on July 1st, 2006. I have edited this message only to make the URLs cited by Prof. Collins clickable links.

Dear John,

Lotsa mistakes in your blog about Imaginary Weapons. Of course we did null experiments. Also, the results were completely reproduced in some independent but black experiments. I would guess that it is very convenient for those liking secrets that you and others are winning the game for them.

I understand that you have a dog in this fight as we say, but why not take a bit more balanced approach? I have given one interview since Ms. Weinbergers fantasy appeared and you might want to share it with your readers in the intent of appearing somewhat open-minded. Anyway, it too is lotsa fun and explains why the Guys at Argonne did not ever get a positive results.


You might also try taking a look at a few of the peer reviewed publications available through




Posted at July 1, 2006 16:57