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Monday, July 24, 2006

Windows Screen Savers: Bullets Updated

So call me Johnny one-note. It's too doggone hot  to do any ambitious development work, so I'm swooping (sometimes, when supporting a long list of software, you just gotta swoop) through the screen savers, rebuilding them with libraries which support adjacent screen configurations on recent versions of Windows, and moving their settings into the (gasp) registry, which permits multiple users on the same machine to have their own individual settings for each screen saver and, more importantly, allows users without administrator privilege to save their settings.

Today's “new and improved” screen saver is the venerable Bullets, which was originally released in May of 1996 to celebrate my contemporary decision to abandon Windows software development. Well, I've suffered a few relapses since then, but for the most part I've sworn off investing my limited time on this planet into developing software which is not, as on competently implemented platforms, intellectual capital, but rather a wasting asset, kind of like an option with a two-year-out strike date which is at the mercy of the irresponsible and undisciplined Kode Kiddies of Redmond.

Deep breath…much better now. Working with this crap just does this to me—sorry. In any case, there are four more screen savers to go until all have been rebuilt and transmogrified into registry twiddlers. I'll announce them here when they're posted, and try assiduously to eschew philippics like the present in subsequent scribblings.

Posted at July 24, 2006 23:32