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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Google PageRank Query Utility

I have just posted PageRank, a Perl program which allows the Google™ PageRank™ of Web pages to be queried, either from the command line or via an HTML query form submitted to a CGI application installed on a Web server. In addition, the program can generate a graphical page rank meter showing the ranking of the page containing it or that of an arbitrary page specified by URL. Here, for example, is the current page rank of the www.fourmilab.ch site: www.fourmilab.ch Google PageRank.

This program is a wrapper for Yuri Karaban's WWW::Google::PageRank Perl module, which does all the heavy lifting. If you install this utility on your Web server, a variety of security options are available to restrict requests by user, referring page, and/or URL whose rank is being queried. These, properly chosen for your application, can prevent freeloaders from piling onto your server to obtain page rank meters for their own pages.

Posted at January 3, 2007 15:00