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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Landing by Hand on the Moon

Robert Heinlein's 1950 movie collaboration with George Pal, Destination Moon, is rightly considered one of the classics of film science fiction, winning an Oscar for Best Special Effects. On the other hand, his 1953 effort with Richard Talmadge, Project Moonbase, is largely forgotten, and deservedly so. One of the key moments in the film is the crew's guiding a supply ship in for a landing at the newly-established Moon base, and the cinematic realisation of this was, shall we say, at no risk of an Oscar nomination.

Landing by Hand on the Moon presents a video clip (in both QuickTime and Windows Media formats) of this less-than-magic moment in movie special effects and an explanation (hidden until you click to display it) of what you're seeing in the clip.

Posted at March 13, 2007 23:22