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Friday, June 29, 2007

Humour: Delightful lip-sync video of Tom Lehrer's New Math

This marvellous video clip (which I can't embed here because YouTube's Flash player invocation doesn't pass XHTML validation, and all attempts to rewrite it to do so render it inoperative) is a lip-sync of Tom Lehrer's New Math with the “visual aids” lacking when those of our generation first heard it on a vinyl disc and doubled up laughing around “How did sixty-four get into it?”.

The audio track appeared on the 1965 album That Was the Year That Was; as this video doubtless oversteps the bounds of fair use (although wonderfully) it may be taken down, so view it while you can.

Hat tip: Captain's Quarters.

Update: Hear the man himself at the piano. (Thanks, Mark Ziemba.)

Posted at June 29, 2007 22:15