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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Atlast Release 1.2 Posted

Atlast, my FORTH-like language kernel written in portable C, which is intended to be embedded in applications to make them programmable and extensible, was one of the first software components posted on Fourmilab, having been available here since August 1995. (It was originally developed in January–February 1990, and was offered for sale for the princely sum of one Yankee greenback on the American Information Exchange in September 1992; I don't recall having sold a single copy.)

I have just posted release 1.2, which includes, for the first time, complete on-line documentation in XHTML as well as the LaTeX and PDF formats available previously. Updates to the program include support for execution environments in which C string constants are read-only and fixes for warning messages and bad code generated by recent releases of GCC in optimisation mode.

Posted at October 10, 2007 15:49