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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Hacker's Diet Online: 3000+ Accounts Open, 1000+ Active, 350+ Public

It's been a while since I recapped the status of The Hacker's Diet Online, so I thought I'd do so today, it being kind of, almost, near the start of a month.

The Hacker's Diet Online Web application now has 3083 open accounts with 1035 active (defined as one or more log entries in the last 30 days). Among active accounts, 60% have made a log entry in the last 3 days. The mean weight loss for all active accounts is 0.41 kg/week, equivalent to a deficit of 447 calories per day. (Since the user population includes people such as myself and many of the early adopters who have long ago stabilised their weight and are maintaining an equilibrium weight, this is somewhat less than the figure for those reducing their weight. The recommended daily calorie deficit in the book is 500, and the online user community appears to be converging upon this figure as the weight-maintenance population becomes a minority next to those just beginning the reduction phase of their respective diets.)

Of the 1035 users with active accounts, 383 have opted to make their logs and charts available publicly under a pseudonym, and 151 have enabled generation of a “Web badge” which allows displaying their progress on a public Web page.

Posted at February 3, 2008 23:55