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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perl: Finance::YahooQuote Update

If you're using the Perl module Finance::YahooQuote to retrieve financial quotes, you may discover that your program broke today. This is due to a change in the URL used to request quotes from Yahoo Finance. The previous URL base of:
    http://quote.yahoo.com/d?f=    (Obsolete–don't use!)
has been changed to:
Apparently, Yahoo had previously accepted the old URL, but starting today it no longer works. If you're using Finance::YahooQuote version 0.21 or earlier, your program will probably break. If you update to Finance::YahooQuote 0.22, the problem should be fixed. Depending on how you've installed Perl on your machine and access this module from your program, the location of the module you need to update will vary.

Posted at May 24, 2008 00:08