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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Autodesk: Interview on AutoCAD Application Development

Last September 4th, I did a four hour interview with Kean Walmsley of Autodesk Neuch√Ętel about the history of AutoCAD application development and the evolution of the “ecosystem” (developers, educators, authors of books, etc.) who contributed so much to the initial success of AutoCAD and continues to account today for much of Autodesk's position in the CAD market. Kean is releasing the interview over the next month as a serial feature on his Web log “Through the Interface”, with one part posted every Friday (just like the latest serial feature at Fourmilab!). The first installment is now posted, and you can read subsequent parts as they become available from the links within that document.

Bloviating on things that happened two decades and change ago is an interesting experience, especially when you go through the transcript and try to fact check everything you said off the cuff. This text has been through that filter, but in some cases the documentary record is scanty and I may have mis-remembered some events.

Posted at September 16, 2008 23:18