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Monday, September 16, 2013

Monkeying with the Mainstream Media updated

I have posted an update to Monkeying with the Mainstream Media, the pair of Greasemonkey user scripts which allows you to highlight Orwellian terms used by legacy media to short-cut critical thought about what they report and/or replace slanted nomenclature with accurate terminology (including red meat).

This release includes the “@grant none” declaration required by recent versions of Greasemonkey to avoid a warning at installation time (this explicitly specifies that these user scripts don't do anything which might compromise your security, which has always been the case), adds another humorous translation to the Red Meat version of OldSpeak, and changes a variable name in MediaTriggerWords which ran afoul of recent changes in JavaScript.

To install the new updates, simply visit the Monkeying with the Mainstream Media page and click upon the script(s) you wish to install. If you have an earlier version already installed, it will be replaced by the update.

Posted at September 16, 2013 21:37