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Sunday, March 26, 2017

C-ship: 2017 Update Released

Originally published in 1995, C-ship uses ray-traced images taking into account the effects of special relativity to provide an intuitive grasp of the effects of the finite speed of light and the oblique view of spacetime perceived by observers moving at a substantial fraction of that ultimate speed limit.

I have just posted a complete overhaul of this Web resource, updating all documents to contemporary Web standards (XHTML and HTML5, with Unicode typography). Animations and audio which previously required readers to download and play files with other applications can now be accessed directly from within the browser. Equations have been re-formatted with higher resolution to be easier on the eye.

“Fly me to the Moon”? The heck with that—it only takes five years (ship's time) to get to the edge of the universe!

Posted at March 26, 2017 00:03