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Monday, June 5, 2017

New: Terranova Planet Maker

Since 1995, Terranova has been delivering a planet of the day to visitors on the Web. Now, users with a modern Web browser that supports HTML5 canvas and JavaScript can use Terranova Planet Maker to make their own planets, plus images of cloudy skies and star fields, any time they wish, right within the browser (you don't need to be connected to a server—all computation is done locally). The algorithm used to produce the images is identical to that used by Terranova and can either use randomly-selected parameters or be controlled at a fine-grained level by user settings. Images can be saved to your local machine through the right-click menu available on almost all browsers.

Yes. we're really doing a million-point two-dimensional inverse fast Fourier transform in JavaScript running inside the browser. Progress in JavaScript implementations has been such that on a fast machine and modern browser, you'll hardly notice the generation time.

Posted at June 5, 2017 20:53