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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Books of the Year: 2017

Here are my picks for the best books of 2017, fiction and nonfiction. These aren't the best books published this year, but rather the best I've read in the last twelvemonth. The winner in both categories is barely distinguished from the pack, and the runners up are all worthy of reading. Runners up appear in alphabetical order by their author's surname. Each title is linked to my review of the book.


Winner: Runners up:


Winner: Runners up:
I should note that due to demands on my time from other clamant priorities, I have accumulated a number of books which are candidates for this list which I haven't yet had time to review. The rules for Books of the Year are that the book must both be read and reviewed to be listed, but here are books worthy of your attention which would have made this list had I time to write the reviews they deserve. I had to work in great haste, with frequent interruptions by a variety of other tasks. You may see these books in next year's Books of the Year: so sue me. Since I haven't published reviews of these books, I'll link directly to Amazon should you wish to purchase them.

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