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Friday, November 2, 2018

ISBNiser 1.5 Update Released

I have just posted version 1.5 of ISBNiser, a utility for validating ISBN publication numbers in the ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 formats, converting between the formats, and generating Amazon associate links to purchase items with credit to a specified account.

Version 1.5 includes a feature added to support the new ISBNquest Web application. A new −d option selects “database” format output in which the result for every ISBN on the command line is a single-line comma-separated value record containing fields as follows. Fields which may contain non-alphanumeric characters are always enclosed in double quotes.

  1. Status: numeric status
    • 200   Normal, ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 returned
    • 201   Normal, ISBN-13 returned, 979- unmappable to ISBN-10
    • 300   Invalid registration group, unhyphenated ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 returned
    • 301   Invalid registration group, unhyphenated 979- ISBN-13 returned
    • 401   Incorrect length (not 10 or 13 characters)
    • 402   Illegal character
    • 403   “X” as other than last character of ISBN-10
    • 404   Checksum incorrect
    • 405   ISBN-13 prefix is not Bookland (978 or 979)
  2. ISBN-13, no delimiters
  3. ISBN-13, with delimiters (quoted)
  4. ISBN-10, no delimiters (“Unmappable” if 979- prefix)
  5. ISBN-10, with delimiters (“Unmappable” if 979- prefix) (quoted)
  6. Registration group name (quoted)
  7. Amazon associates URL (quoted)
  8. ISBN Registration group database date (quoted)

The ISBN Registration group range database was updated to the 2018-10-30 release by the International ISBN Agency, and contains revisions to the ISBN range tables for the French Language (978-2), Iran (978-622), Benin (978-99919), and Mongolia (978-99978) agencies.

An error in the handling of the −a command line option has been corrected.

The development log (log.txt) is now included in the distribution archive.

Posted at November 2, 2018 13:51