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As of the end of 2022, the HotBits Radioactive Random Number Generator service has been retired. Please see the “HotBits Radioactive Generator Retired” notice for additional information. You can request random data from the secondary on-chip random source using your API key with “R” as the first character instead of “H”.

The following form can be used to request an API Key which will grant you access to random data generated by the HotBits number generator. You do not need an API Key to request pseudorandom data, which are produced by a high-quality algorithm seeded from HotBits-generated data.

HotBits API Key requests are processed manually, and it may take a day or two before you receive your key. If you haven't received your key after a few days, be sure you check your spam folder to be sure the key didn't end up there. Issuance of API Keys it at the sole discretion of Fourmilab: keys can be denied for any reason or no reason at all, and revoked at any time without notification, reason, or appeal.

The more information you supply, the more likely we'll approve your request. Your E-mail address will be used only to return the API key to you and to confirm your ownership of it in case you forget it and request it be resent. Under no circumstances will we send you unsolicited E-mail.

Geographical region:
Frequency of use:
Users of this key:
Applications: If this key will be used to request random data for a Web page or mobile application, please list the URL(s) for the page(s) and/or application store entries for the applications.
Requirement: Why does your application require hardware-generated random data rather than pseudorandom data generated from a hardware-generated seed? Pseudorandom data do not require an API Key and volume is not limited.


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