Here are some sample HotBits!

Warning: this document is a sample intended only to show the format in which HotBits are delivered as hexadecimal data in an XML file. Do not use the data from this document, as they are constant.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<hotbits version="1.0">
<status version="1.0" result="200">OK</status>
<request-information version="1.0">
    <server-version>Release 3.2, June 2008</server-version>
<random-data version="1.0">
    6E A7 A7 74 DD A6 2A 99 AB 45 CC E7 E9 73 7C C8
    9E FE 4F AB 59 C9 4C 63 64 D4 B2 AD 6C B5 2E 73
    8F B1 B7 A8 96

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