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Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

August 1st, 2008

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Fishing Fleet Encounter

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L086.jpg

2008-07-21 23:32 UTC Click images for reduced size. 75°50.65'N 41°13.82'E

Around midnight ship's time, as we approached 76° North, we encountered a fishing fleet composed of Norwegian and Russian ships harvesting krill.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L087.jpg

2008-07-21 23:35 UTC 75°51.67'N 41°15.32'E

You can see that this Norwegian ship is towing its trawl net from the stern.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L088.jpg

2008-07-22 00:10 UTC 75°54.27'N 41°11.80'E

We made a close rendezvous with the Murmansk-based Ostrov Valaam whose net attracted the attention of numerous seabirds.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L089.jpg

2008-07-21 23:45 UTC 75°53.54'N 41°14.31'E

Packages were passed between the ships by sealing them in watertight bags attached to floats, and retrieved by grapnel. The Ostrov Valaam sent us some Franz Josef Land shrimp which were served at a barbecue a few days later.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L090.jpg

2008-07-22 00:35 UTC

by John Walker
August 20th, 2008
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