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Easter Island

July 11th, 2010

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Anthropology Museum

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S017.jpg

2010-07-08 16:38 UTC Click images for enlargements.

The Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert is an excellent first stop for visitors to the island. The geology and anthropology of the island are explained in a comprehensive set of panels (in Spanish, but booklets of English translations are available to to visitors) and a modest collection of artefacts and reproductions of items in other collections is on display.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S018.jpg

2010-07-08 16:40 UTC

Doggone Greys—they're everywhere!

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S019.jpg

2010-07-08 16:40 UTC

Here is an unusual female moai-like figure.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S020.jpg

2010-07-08 16:44 UTC

This is a reproduction of a fish carved in the enigmatic Rongorongo. This is said to be a hieroglyphic language used on the island and subsequently lost. Beats me—with all the parentheses it looks for all the world like a Lisp program!

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S021.jpg

2010-07-08 16:49 UTC

Petroglyphs are shallow carvings on rocks and often take just the right angle of light to see clearly; you could walk right past many without noticing anything unless you're looking carefully. Here is a somewhat goofy “birdman” carving which only pops out when viewed from this perspective.

Eclipse 2010 gallery image S022.jpg

2010-07-08 16:59 UTC

Because of its remoteness, Easter Island has very little wildlife and most of that arrived with human settlers. That's the case for the few lizard species, one of which we spotted outside the Anthropological Museum.

by John Walker
July 20th, 2010
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