RetroPsychoKinesis Experiment Log

To display results of RetroPsychoKinesis online experiments performed on this server, fill out the following form to specify the contents and format of the report you wish and press the “Display Log” button.

Output Format

Returns a Web document which presents the results in a tabular form with statistical analysis of the results.
Downloads the raw data from the log as a text file. If you want to do your own independent verification of the statistical calculations or perform other analysis of the log, the raw data should provide you everything you need. A document describing the raw data format is available.

Data Filtering

Originally, this form permitted displaying or downloading every experiment run by all users since the inception of the project in 1997. Twenty years and more than 800,000 experiments later, the complete log is much too big (more than 290 megabytes as of January 2017) to download into a Web browser. If you're interested in analysing the entire history of the project, you can download databases, updated daily, of all experiments and control runs since project inception in Zip compressed CSV format from the Experiment Log page, which explains the format of these database files.

User identification

Enter the E-mail address (or other identification) you entered when making your runs in the box above.

Include practice runs?

Normally, only experimental runs made in “Record” mode with an E-mail address or other identification supplied are subjected to statistical analysis. Practice (but not Demo) runs are, however, recorded in order to permit studies of whether the statistics of the results differs based on the intent of the run. The box below allows to choose whether Practice runs are included in the report you receive. The Mode fields in the Web document report indicates in which mode the experiment was run.

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by John Walker