RetroPsychoKinesis Template Experiment:
Express Setup (Java)

This directory contains a template experiment whose visual feedback merely displays the current score in the centre of the applet window. This is not intended to be used for real experiments (though there's nothing wrong with trying it!), but instead a template for developing new graphical feedback programs. The document is similarly intended to be edited to describe new feedback programs. Text set in red should be replaced by specifics of the new experiment.

To be able to run this experiment repeatedly without having to fill in all the fields in the main request form, fill out the following express request, run the experiment, then save the experiment page as a bookmark in your browser. Then you'll be able to make a new run with the same parameters simply by choosing the bookmark item.

If you're unsure of how to set one or more of the following items, please refer to the detailed descriptions on the main request form.

Experiment Type

Select the type of experiment you want to run by checking one of the buttons below:

Simulates an experiment using pseudorandom data generated on your own computer.
Runs an experiment using random data, but does not include the results for statistical analysis.
Performs an “on the record” experiment, in which your results will be recorded permanently in the RPKP Project experiment database.

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by John Walker