Other Online Parapsychology Experiments

The first online experiments to appear were apparently set up by Dick Bierman at the Anomalous Cognition Project, Amsterdam University. Currently available are a precognition experiment, an experiment with the direct mental influence on living systems, and a PK experiment.

The precognition experiment involves randomly preselected images stored on the Net. The subject is asked to submit his/her impressions via a questionaire before the image is revealed. Unfortunately, few of the links in this are working (at least from our browser, as of April 13, 1996). The direct mental influence experiment is actually directed at a goldfish in Amsterdam, which the subject is encouraged to stimulate via video feedback. This seemed most intriguing, but again, the link needed to download the necessary software was not operating as of the above date. And the PK experiment, disappointingly, was altogether unavailable. There is a further opportunity to run one's own experiments via the Anomalous Cognition Project, but this is mostly aimed at teachers, "to help to teach students methodological aspects like generalisability, reliability, and validity."

The Koestler Parapsychology Unit at Edinburgh University is running a daily mood diary, basically a survey to collect data on "changes in mood, cognition, and behaviour over time". More relevant to our work is a version of the traditional game Rock, Scissors, Paper where the subject's choices are played against preselected random numbers. This is more closely related to precognition than to RPK, however (although the distinction is not an entirely clear one), and claims to be for the purpose of collecting data on "personality variables of interest to parapsychologists". As with the other experiments, this one includes a fairly extensive personality survey which the subject is asked to complete. Finally there is a related precognition experiment, involving a choice of six "doors", only one of which "opens". This seems to be of a very similar structure to the Rock, Scissors, Paper experiment.

The Consciousness Research Laboratory, Las Vegas has three beautifully presented experiments: There is a visual precognition experiment much like Dick Bierman's in Amsterdam, a luck survey, and most relevant to our work, a "virtual slotmachine". The latter is driven by quasirandom numbers based on the timing of the subjects mouse-clicks, and should consequently be subject to PK influence.

If you are aware of any further online experiments on the WWW, please let us know.

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