RPKP Update No.5

July 1st, 1996
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Back again, and we now have the beginnings of online experiments available at the site. The six programs which Helmut Schmidt has donated are now available via anonymous FTP (in the form of DOS-executable binaries), so that potential subjects can begin to practice, and test their own rPK abilities. These are the programs we intend to convert to Java applets (our three volunteer programmers haven't been in touch for a while, so we hope progress is being made!), which will allow foolproof monitoring from our end. So not a huge step forward, but hopefully this will attract further interest, giving the curious and impatient members of our audience something to get their psychic teeth into. Further, the C++ source code is also available from the same page, and if we're lucky, an enthusiastic Java programmer may stumble upon this and conclude that it can be converted without too much difficulty. Nothing is available explicitly for Mac users, so if anyone is able to Mac-compile the source code into executables, please get in touch.

As the formal, monitored experiments are not yet running, it shouldn't be a major concern, but it must be said that the random data driving the six feedback display programs is quasi-random, being generated by algorithms and seeded by the subjects' initial keypresses. Most subjects needn't concern themselves with this, but it makes a very big difference theoretically, as followers of the recently published decision augmentation theory will recognise. Our formal experiments will involve exported true-random data generated by our RNG, and the ultimate experiment design must be carefully thought out so that "influence" and "DAT" explanations can be clearly separated (if this is indeed possible). Some ingenious ideas have been suggested by Topher Cooper, elaborating on the suggestion of Dick Bierman which appeared in RPKP Update No. 4. More on this next time.

Bierman has also provided us with a (as far as we know) complete database of major RPK experiments to date. This involves nine different main experimenters, and was presented at the Tucson II conference recently. Bierman has pointed out
"The across experiments variance has a chi^2 value of over 110 with 25 df. This reinforces an earlier finding of mine that I published in the rather obscure Indian Journal of Psychology where I did a long series of PK [tests] on prerecorded targets with variance being the only dependent variable."
We invite comments on this database from the statistically-minded amongst you.

Finally, the Dean Radin interview, promised sometime ago, has finally appeared. The interview touches on the history of Radin's involvement in psi research, certain ethical issues, and DAT, as well as the conclusions he has drawn over the years regarding the underlying nature of "reality". Certainly worth a look...

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