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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

CONTINUITY: Origin of the UNIVAC 1103A Scientific Computer (1953, 1956) ERA, Sperry Rand

The Univac 1101 through 1105, all vacuum tube machines, were the first generation of ERA/Univac scientific computers. The second generation, the transistorised Univac 1107, retained the original 36 bit word length, but re-architected the machine into what would be the 1100/2200 series for decades to come. The story of the 1107 and successors picks up in my Univac Memories archive.

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CONTINUITY: So Many Ideas, So Little Time…

Some day, let me tell you the story of MTBF.NET and DATAIMMORTALITY.COM….

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Exploding Hardened Steel Parts with 150 Ton Hydraulic Press

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