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Thursday, April 8, 2021

CONTEXT: More on Muons: Brian Keating and Dan Hooper of Fermilab Discuss the g−2 Experiment

Here are how two different kinds of theoretical calculations fit with the experimental results.

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Here is more about dimethylmercury. Absorption of as little as 0.1 millilitre can be fatal, and the liquid can permeate normal laboratory and surgical gloves within 15 seconds.

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CONTINUITY: “Census Sixty”—The Univac 1105 at the U.S. Census Bureau

This cheesy propaganda film about the 1960 U.S. census has some nice footage (around nine minutes in) of the UNIVAC 1105 vacuum tube computer used in that census and the FOSDIC microfilm scanner which replaced punching Hollerith cards from the data collected by census takers. The Census Bureau, which was a pioneer in punched card tabulation of data, was later one of the first to replace cards with optical document scanning.

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