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Monday, May 3, 2021

CONTEXT: News You Can Use—Pure Fusion: D-T Plasma Ignition by Overdriven Detonation of High Explosives

Edward Teller always believed this was possible.

In 1989, I wrote a story about abundant neutron generation by impact-driven pure fusion, “Not with a Bang”.

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CONTEXT: Make a Space Suit from Duct Tape?

Paging Adam Savage….

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: International Space Station Transits the Moon

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CONTEXT: Smallest Rational Right Triangle with Area 157

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CONTINUITY: From 1966—RCA TR-4 Video Tape Recorder

Introduced in 1964, the TR-4 was larger than a big American refrigerator and cost, depending upon options, US$35,000 and up in 1966, or around US$290,000 in today's funny money. It used two inch wide tape on giant reels and was able, with an optional accessory, to handle colour signals.

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