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Saturday, May 8, 2021

CONTINUITY: Long March CV-5B Re-entry Prediction Refined to ± 4 Hours

Re-entry will occur somewhere on the indicated ground tracks. The debris field will be extended along the track depending upon the mass and density of the objects that survive re-entry.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Judging Theories of Everything, with Lee Smolin and Eric Weinstein

There's even a brief discussion of the forthcoming Pentagon disclosures on UFOs at the end.

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CONTEXT: Why It’s Hard to Predict Where China’s Spent Rocket Stage Will Land

It can't land on Fourmilab, as its orbit only passes over latitudes ±42. Here is the latest prediction as of the time of this post.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: SpaceX Starlink L27 Mission to Attempt 10th Flight of Booster

If successful, this will be the tenth flight of first stage booster B1051-10, setting a record and achieving the original re-use goal for Falcon 9, after a 56 day turn-around following its previous flight. This will be the 117th launch of a Falcon 9, 63rd re-flight of a booster, and 84th landing of a booster. Launch is scheduled for 06:42 UTC on 2021-05-09. You can find the Webcast by typing “SpaceX webcast” in a YouTube search box starting around a half hour before the launch time.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Completes Fifth Flight

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