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Saturday, May 15, 2021

CONTINUITY: Rocket Lab’s 20th Launch Spins Out of Control after Stage Separation

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Introduction to Logisim Evolution: Open-Source Logic Simulator

Wow! I sure wish I'd had something like this when I was designing the M9900 CPU and M9900 64K!

You can download Logisim Evolution from GitHub. It's free, written in Java, and ready-to-run installable versions are available for Debian (etc.) and Red Hat (etc.) Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows systems.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Tesla Model S Onboard Systems Battery Runs Down While on Charger

…and the the fun begins.

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CONTINUITY: Chinese Tianwen-1 (天问) Lands on Mars

In vintage communist style, no streaming video or other contemporary coverage was provided of the landing, only this Stalinesque announcement after the (claimed) success, with the co-ordinates. Independent radio hobbyists have been tracking the telemetry signal from the lander and inferring mission events from its Doppler shift as it performed its final maneuvers and encountered Mars.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Rocket Lab Electron “Running Out Of Toes” Launch

Launch is scheduled for 10:08 UTC on 2021-05-15. Rocket Lab will attempt to recover the first stage from the sea after a parachute splashdown.

Update: Loss of telemetry, end of Webcast without any further information. It doesn't look good. (2021-05-15 11:24 UTC)

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