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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

CONTINUITY: “Face to Face with Communism”, Film from 1951

Today, they'd probably say, “Isn't it great!”

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Space Collection—Part 1: Saturn V Launch Vehicle Digital Computer and Titan III Computer

Here is an in-depth look at the IBM Saturn V Launch Vehicle Digital Computer with an engineer who worked on it in the Apollo program.

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CONTINUITY: United Airlines Douglas DC-7 Overhaul

This film, from the late 1950s, shows the overhaul procedure for United Airlines' Douglas DC-7 airliners, the last piston-powered plane operated by the company, and previews the soon-to-dawn jet age.

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CONTEXT: Cartoonist Firearms Literacy

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: “Biography of a Missile”—1959 Film with Edward R. Murrow

This half hour film chronicles Juno II launcher AM-16 from fabrication in Huntsville, Alabama through its launch and very brief flight on July 16, 1959. At the end, the successful Juno II launch of Explorer 7 is shown. The Juno II, derived from the Jupiter missile, was one of NASA's less successful rockets. It was launched a total of ten times, with only four completely successful missions, then retired in favour more capable and reliable launch vehicles.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Capella Space Synthetic Radar Smallsat Images Giza Pyramids, Boca Chica Starbase

Here is more information on Capella Space and the company's home page.

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