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July 11, 2021 Archives

Sunday, July 11, 2021

THE HAPPENING WORLD: Mars Helicopter Ingenuity: Video from Ninth Flight

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CONTEXT: What Happened to the Moon?


Explanation, from Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2021-07-11.

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CONTINUITY: “Under Your Bonnet”—Manufacturing Lead-Acid Batteries in the Early 1950s

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Optimal Stirring Strategies

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CONTEXT: Suborbital Tourism: Comparing Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two VSS Unity 22 Flight

Due to overnight weather, the takeoff and start of the live stream coverage has been delayed until 14:30 UTC on 2021-07-11. Refresh the live stream page for updates.

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