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Thursday, July 29, 2021


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CONTEXT: Intel to California et al.: “Beast Canyon”

Includes a 640 watt power supply, supporting a 65 watt CPU, 64 Gb DRAM, 2.5 Gb Ethernet, and support for 350 watt GPUs.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Nauka Module Docked to International Space Station

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: RB211—The Engine that Bankrupted Rolls-Royce, then Made it a Global Leader

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CONTEXT: Vitalik Buterin—Is the Gini Coefficient Appropriate for Measuring Concentration of Asset Ownership?

The Gini coefficient is widely used as a measure of income or wealth distribution among a population. The higher the value, the more income or wealth is concentrated among a small fraction of the population. For example, using World Bank numbers, Mexico has a Gini value of 45.4, while Norway comes in at 27.0. But is Gini a meaningful or useful measure when applied to distribution of an asset, like cryptocurrency, in which concentration of ownership may be more a measure of interest than wealth? This thoughtful essay examines the question and argues that other measures are required in such circumstances.

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THE HAPPENING WORLD: Rocket Lab Electron “It's a Little Chile Up Here” Launch

I have cued the video to start at one minute before liftoff. If you wish to see the preliminaries, scroll back to the start. Here are details of the mission, whose classified payload, called “Monolith”, is for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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CONTINUITY: Lighting Up an Apollo Guidance Computer Display (DSKY) after Half a Century

Plus, a misadventure with copper-clad aluminium wire. “Maybe the wire is bad.”

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