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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Using Galactic Supernovæ as SETI Signal Beacons

The research paper is “Search for Galactic Civilizations Using Historical Supernovae”.


We study an interstellar signaling scheme which was originally proposed by Seto (2019) and efficiently links intentional transmitters to ETI searchers through a conspicuous astronomical burst, without prior communication. Based on the geometrical and game theoretic viewpoints, the scheme can be refined so that intentional signals can be sent and received after observing a reference burst, in contrast to the original proposal (before observing a burst). Given this inverted temporal structure, Galactic supernovae recorded in the past 2000 years can be regarded as interesting guideposts for an ETI search. While the best use period of SN 393 has presumably passed ∼100 years ago, some of the historical supernovae might allow us to compactify the ETI survey regions down to less than one percent of 4π, around two rings in the sky.

Posted at September 1, 2021 13:52