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Tuesday, October 26, 2021



SCANALYZER is moving. After 2021-10-31 (Hallowe'en!), SCANALYZER is moving to the new SCANALYST site, a Discourse-based discussion forum which will publish all of the current content from SCANALYZER and allow members to comment, discuss, and write their own posts on any topic that interests them.

All content posted at SCANALYZER since 2021-10-04 has been mirrored at SCANALYST, so if you follow this site, just change your bookmark to read all of the same content and more there. If you like what you see, sign up to comment and share your own posts with a like-minded community. SCANALYST has no subscription fees, no advertising, and requires no personal information other than a valid E-mail address to confirm your sign-up. We will never knowingly disclose any personal information about users. Almost all posts at SCANALYST, and every one in the SCANALYZER categories, are readable regardless of whether you sign up or not. If you sign up, you can comment and write your own posts.

SCANALYST is a forum for civilised conversation. Other than momentary lapses of reason, disruptive or abusive behaviour will result in immediate exclusion from commenting or posting at the site without possibility of appeal. There's already too much coarseness in today's world: we don't need any more.

If this sounds like something in which you'd like to participate, just visit the site, click “Sign Up” at the top right, and jump in.

I hope to welcome many readers of this site to SCANALYST.

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CONTINUITY: June 1940—When France Bombed Berlin

The raid, conducted by the French Navy, was led by Henri Daillière. It was the first bombing of Berlin—the British RAF did not strike Berlin before August 25, 1940, by which time France was out of the war. Here is more about the Daillière attack on Berlin.

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TRACKING WITH CLOSEUPS: Origins of Photography: From Daguerrotype to Roll Film

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CONTINUITY: How Did Apollo Send Live Television from the Moon?

This video focuses on the spacecraft television cameras and ground receiving and conversion gear. The actual transmission of the signal was described in earlier posts about the Apollo Spacecraft S Band Communication System: Part 1, Part 2.

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CONTEXT: “Orbital Reef”—Commercial Space Station

The “team” is led by Blue Origin, founded 21 years ago, and Sierra Space, which acquired the Dream Chaser spacecraft, which was announced in 2004, 17 years ago. Neither has, to this date, attempted or completed an orbital flight. Team members include Boeing, the launch of whose Starliner “Hangar Queen” is slipping further into 2022 due to problems with hypergolic reaction control thrusters, a technology dating from the 1950s. What could possibly go wrong?

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