Your Sky Help: Icons

Planet Icons

Your Sky shows planets, asteroids, and comets as discs labeled with the symbol for each planet, as shown below. The Planet icons are not to scale, neither with regard to one another nor with respect to the size of the solar system. Planets are dust motes in the endless void of space—if shown to scale they'd be less than single pixel in height.

Planet names and the corresponding icons are shown below. Click on the name of any object for more information, courtesy of Bill Arnett's masterwork The Nine Planets.

Sun Saturn
Mercury Uranus
Venus Neptune
Earth Pluto
Mars Asteroid
Jupiter Comet

Deep Sky Object Icons

Elliptical galaxy Planetary nebula
Spiral galaxy Quasar
Open star cluster Double star
Globular star cluster Dark nebula
Diffuse (gaseous) nebula Irregular galaxy

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