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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Internet Slum: Is the Exodus Beginning?

When I published The Internet Slum in May 2004, I subtitled it, "Is Abandoning the Internet 'The Next Big Thing'?". A column in today's Los Angeles Times, "No More Internet for Them" indicates this trend is becoming visible to big media. Several home computer users, including a 50 year old early adopter, are described as pulling the plug on their Internet connections due to the frustration, disgust, and sense of violation I described in The Internet Slum. Spyware and adware may be "the last straw" for many fed-up users. The article closes with the early PC adopter and early abandoner of the Internet describing his now-disconnected PC, "It's great for anything you can do on your own. It seems to me an incredible typewriter--and that's it." And this is truly sad.

Posted at January 14, 2005 13:34