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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tom Swift and His Air Glider Now Online

The twelfth installment in the Tom Swift saga, Tom Swift and His Air Glider, is now available in the Tom Swift and His Pocket Library collection. As usual, HTML, PDF, PDA eReader, and plain ASCII text editions suitable for reading off- or online are available. In this episode, our plucky young inventor-hero shows that his talent for asking for trouble equals or exceeds that for mechanics, as he and his companions fly into Siberia to rescue an injustly accused man from the Czar's secret police, dodging, along the way, nihilist revolutionaries and even the French, while hoping to make the expedition pay by looting a Siberian platinum mine. (When this book was published in 1912, the Bolshevik revolution was five years in the future.)

I have corrected numerous typographic and formatting errors in this edition of the text, but have deferred close proofreading until I get around to reading the book on my PDA. Consequently, corrections from eagle-eyed readers are more than welcome. Note the comments in the main Pocket Library page before reporting archaic spelling (for example, “gasolene”) as an error.

Posted at August 19, 2006 00:13